Give your listeners their local weather forecast while they tune in.

Providing weather forecasts for your radio station or other audible needs at an affordable price.
Use with any radio automation software
Simian, Enco DAD, WideOrbit AFR, SAM Broadcaster Pro, OmniPlayer, and more…

Why have weather?

  • Helps your listeners stay informed
  • Makes your radio station or audio service feel and be local
  • Increases revenue through sponsored spots

Why choose Cirrus Forecast?

  • Easy setup and no additional software to buy
  • Save more than 66% compared to other services
  • Fully customizable with our online portal

Listen now

Listen to a real-time 30 second local weather forecast.


Cirrus Forecast is a fully automated audio weather forecast service giving your listening audience their local forecast in a 30 second audio clip without the hassle of doing it yourself. It delivers the forecast to your automation software using our provided software, the Cirrus Forecast Downloader.
  • Sponsors

    Increase revenue by selling sponsored spots that will play at the end of the weather forecast. You can have up to four per day.
  • License free background music

    Choose between several different options or have one selected randomly each time.
  • MP3 or WAV file format

    Choose between an MP3 of WAV file format for your weather forecast audio file.
  • Always 30 seconds

    The weather forecast is always 30 seconds to avoid cutoff and dead air.
  • Custom filename

    You can customize the filename to be whatever is needed for your automation software.
  • Modifiable voice & name

    You can choose the voice and name of the person giving the weather forecast. You can have up to four different people per day.
  • Station/company name & slogan

    Modify your station/company name and your slogan that is used in the weather forecast.
  • Different measurement systems

    Choose between imperial or metric for measurements and between Fahrenheit or Celsius for the temperature.
  • Sample rate

    Choose between three different sample rates: 22050 KHz, 32000 KHz, or 44100 KHz.
  • Volume normalization

    The volume of the audio file is normalized using LUFS and can be adjusted making it louder or quieter to fit your needs.
  • Cirrus Forecast Downloader

    There is no additional software to buy or the hassle of FTP. We provide the software required to automatically download your files.
  • Online dashboard

    Everything is customizable through our online portal with no need to contact us. Of course, we provide support if you need help.

Weather forecast pricing

Everything is included, no hidden fees, no contracts, no nonsense.
Try us free for 14 days. No credit card required.
  • Stratus

    Perfect for starters
    per location/month
    5 updates/day
  • Cumulus

    More accurate
    per location/month
    8 updates/day
  • Recommended


    Great value
    per location/month
    12 updates/day
  • Cirrus

    Always up-to-date
    per location/month
    24 updates/day

Frequently asked questions

  • When do the forecasts get updated?

    Forecasts get updated at different times depending on the plan you are subscribed to. Please see our documentation here for details.

  • Where does the weather data come from?

    Cirrus Forecast is Powered by Dark Sky.

  • Where is Cirrus Forecast available?

    Cirrus Forecast is available in English in North America and most other English speaking regions. Other languages may be offered in the future.

    Please contact us if you are outside North America and are interested and we will check the availability of Cirrus Forecast in your area.

  • What type of support do you provide?

    Technical support is included with your subscription via our Support Center here. We provide support related to your account and the Cirrus Forecast Downloader Software. Please see our Terms of Service for more information.