When do the forecasts get updated?
Please see this page.

What is the file format of the audio file?
You can choose between be a MP3 or WAV file format. The length will always be 30 seconds to avoid cut-off or dead air.

Where is Cirrus Forecast available?
Cirrus Forecast will be available in English in the United States. Other regions and languages may be offered in the future.

Where does the weather data come from?
Cirrus Forecast is Powered by Dark Sky.


Why does my location's "Plan active until" date/time not show the end of the month?
Each location's plan expires at the end of the month (11:59pm) using the GMT/UTC timezone. The date/time you are seeing has been adjusted to show the date/time in your timezone set on the "My Profile" page. Locations are re-subscribed using GMT/UTC as well, so you don't have to worry about a location expiring as long as it has an active plan and you have a valid payment method on file.