If you are having issues with the Cirrus Forecast Downloader, the log files can be looked at to determine where the issue is occurring. There are two types of logs - Downloader logs and Windows Service logs. Please see below for more details.

Log location

On Windows, all logs are located here:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Cirrus Forecast\Cirrus Forecast Downloader\logs\.

Downloader logs

Downloader logs are logs of the normal day-to-day operations of the Cirrus Forecast Downloader. They will tell you when and where audio files are being downloaded and any errors that are occurring.

File name

They are named *_cf_normal.log. The asterisk * denotes the date of the log in yyyyMMdd format.

Log rotation

There is one log file created per day which are rotated every 14 days. This means at any given time, there will only be 14 days of logs.

Logging level

By default, only pertinent messages are logged. This is considered the normal log level. More detailed logs can be ouputted by changing the logging level to debug. How to do this can be found under the Configuration file. This should, however, only be done if requested to by Support.

Windows Service logs

Windows Service logs are logs relating specifically to the Cirrus Forecast Downloader Windows Service process. Errors in these logs should be rare. If you are having issues with the Windows Service starting, this would be a good place to check first.

File name

These logs are named cf_service.log or cf_service.log.old.

Log rotation

These logs are rotated based on size. Once the log reaches 2.5 MB, it will get renamed with a .old at the end. Only one .old file is kept so there will only ever be at a max two log files for these logs.